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Mon.-Thurs. | 8am to 4:30pm
Fri. | 8am to 4pm

Accra's Grand Rapids, Minnesota Office

Get home care services in Grand Rapids, Minnesota and Greater Itasca County.

A small town with a lot of charm, Grand Rapids is a rural, northern Minnesota destination in Itasca County. Bordering Chippewa National Forest and George Washington State Forest, Grand Rapids and Itasca County provide ample recreation and great quality of life for its residents.

Accra delivers quality homecare to the Grand Rapids, La Prairie, and greater Itasca County area, as part of our mission to improve lives by providing individualized homecare services and support to people living at home.

Serving residents of all ages, services include care for disabilities, chronic diseases, behavioral diagnoses, and more.

104 NE 3rd Street
Suite 220
Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55744

Hours: 8 AM – 4 PM Weekdays (By Appointment Only)

Phone: (218) 212-7577

Grand Rapids post card. Image courtesy of Steve Shook.

Accra Home Care Services for the Grand Rapids Area

Service Overview

Personal Care Assistance

Self-directed Personal Care Assistance (PCA) Choice services are available to children and adults. Personal Care Assistance can help with the “activities of daily living” such as dressing, grooming, eating, bathing, transfers, mobility, positioning, and toileting for adults and children, as well as light housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation for adults. Email or call 612-439-9720 to learn more.

Service Overview

Financial Management Services

As an FMS provider, we make it easy for our clients to use self-directed services. Accra’s Financial Management Services enable people with long-term care needs or disabilities to easily hire and employ caregivers under the Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) program or the Consumer Support Grant (CSG). We can help directly employ support workers and purchase other supports needed to continue living in the community. Email

Service Overview

245D Waivered Programs

Accra is a 245D licensed provider of respite, homemaker, Individual Community Living Support (ICLS) services, Individual Home Supports (IHS) without training, IHS with training, and night supervision services. For each 245D service, clients select a trusted, qualified worker suited for their needs, while for IHS with training, a qualified staff is matched to the client to meet their needs. In all services, an assigned 245D Accra Service Coordinator will work with the client and county case manager to set up and administer 245D Waivered Services. Email