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What is Respite Care?

Being a caregiver is hard work. Respite is a short-term care service intended to provide a break to an individual’s primary caregiver.

Respite is a short-term care service intended to provide a break to an individual’s primary caregiver. The work of a caregiver can be tiring. With respite care, a secondary caregiver fills in while the primary caregiver can rest and rejuvenate.

Where Can Respite Care be Provided?

Respite may be provided in the client’s home, the respite provider’s home or the community.

How Many Hours of Respite Care are You Allowed?

Respite is intended as a break for the client’s primary caregiver(s). Depending on the number of respite hours available, this break could be, for example, for a few hours or even an entire weekend, including overnights.

While respite staff are not allowed to work overtime on a consistent weekly basis, Accra does recognize that, based on the intention of the service, there may be times when a respite staff member is needed to cover a longer than typical break. With Accra, your assigned 245D Service Coordinator will help you understand when overtime is an option under respite services.

How Can I Pay for Respite Care?

With Accra, respite care is available under various payment options including Medical Assistance Home and Community Based Services (waiver programs), and private pay.

How Do I Start Respite Services Through Accra?

First, you will need to obtain a Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waiver. Start by contacting your County Human Services Office and requesting a MnCHOICES Assessment.

Next, you will connect with a social worker, who will talk with you about the various HCBS waivers and help you select services from your specific HCBS Waiver services menu.

Then, you can contact Accra by calling 866-935-3515 or emailing Once Accra hears from you or your social worker, we will conduct a 245D Waivered Services intake meeting and assist you with hiring your chosen direct support staff. Accra also asigns a 245D Service Coordinator to work with you and your county case manager to set up and administer services, while ensuring that all workers are properly trained.

You can learn more about respite care and other services Accra has to offer by clicking here.