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Accra Advocate Newsletter

Accra Advocate Newsletter is for social work case managers.

The Newsletter for Social Work Case Managers 

  • Monthly newsletter includes valuable resources that help your clients
  • Inspiring stories that celebrate social work and can motivate your staff
  • Professional development resources and opportunities to help you succeed

We’ve created The Accra Advocate – a newsletter designed just for you. 

Why Subscribe? 

Each month, The Accra Advocate brings you a curated collection of valuable insights, stories, and resources. Crafted by Peter Noss, our Director of Integration, and a team of in-home care specialists, this newsletter serves as a helpful companion who shares your passion and dedication. 

What’s Inside? 

  • Insightful Articles: Stay informed with articles that explore the depth of our field, offering fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to care. 
  • Inspiring Stories: Draw strength and inspiration from the stories of our clients and how social work professionals like you help transform their lives.
  • Practical Resources: Access resources designed to support you in your role, from professional development opportunities to tools to help you better serve your clients. 

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