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Accra Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

Hear from Accra's employees, clients and caregivers as we celebrate 30 years of serving Minnesotans

In 2022, Accra is celebrating its 30th anniversary! To recognize the occasion, we talked with employees, clients, caregivers and responsible parties about the the impact that Accra has made on the people and communities it has served.

Accra President and CEO John Dahm, CFO LeAnn Frette and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lead Mary Ngunu (who have collectively worked almost 40 years at Accra!) also shared how they have seen Accra evolve over the years and why Accra’s work is meaningful to them.

Thank you to all the clients that have been with us and trusted us with their services for three decades!

Logo: Accra 30th Anniversary

Video Transcript

John Dahm: 30 years is a long time; the changes that we’ve seen in the last five or so much more than the first 25.

LeAnn Frette: When I first joined Accra, there was only 13 employees. And as of today, there’s probably 370 employees.

Mary Ngunu: This is really meaningful work. And it’s knowing that we’re making a difference in our clients and our family’s lives.

Client Testimonials

Matthew: Accra has been absolutely vital in getting to where I am today. I definitely would not be here without them.

Cheri: Thank you very much for working so hard to make the lives of your clients better.

Toni: I am so thankful that Accra has been there for me.

Karen: We’re very, very grateful and very mindful of what Accra has done for us; potentially saved Kyler’s life.

John Dahm: You constantly, constantly hear how Accra–somebody from Accra, when I get feedback–how they went the extra mile. It’s the team that does it. It’s unbelievable, the talent and the passion that we’ve put into this. And a special thank you to all the clients that have been with this and trusted this for their service.

Happy Anniversary

Matthew & Cheri: Thank you, Accra!

LeAnn Frette: Happy anniversary, Accra family. And here’s the 30 more years.

Karson, Leo, Ali, Ayda & Hannah: Happy anniversary! Happy anniversary, Accra! Happy anniversary, Accra! Hi, Accra; happy 30th anniversary! Happy anniversary!

Josh: Happy anniversary.

Phyllis: Happy anniversary, Accra.

Mary Ngunu: Happy 30th anniversary Accra. Here is to 30 more.

Rex: Hey, love you guys. And Happy anniversary. 30 years! Yes!