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Susan Morgan

Chief Operating Officer

Susan Morgan, Accra Chief Operating Officer
Susan Morgan
Accra COO
Chief Operating Officer

For more than a decade, Susan Morgan has served in several roles at Accra, including Program Director, Chief Compliance Officer and most recently, Chief Operating Officer.

Susan oversees operations of all Accra programs and implements changes from regulatory agencies.

She is also responsible for overseeing the overall client and caregiver experience. Her guiding philosophy focuses on providing person-centered care that meets the needs of the individual and their community.

Susan has built programs that serve individuals from a holistic perspective and works to provide the most relevant, sustainable, and beneficial resources to communities.

As a medical professional and energetic registered nurse with 40 years of experience in a wide variety of healthcare fields, she enjoys working with others who take pride in caregiving and sharing best practices, while incorporating all the necessary legal and regulatory requirements.

“Most of us at Accra know and realize that some other homecare agencies do not have a focus on serving the Medicaid population in the way Accra does. Things we have done, like establishing the Accra Way Fund, exemplify our mission. Accra truly believes there is a way to better serve those in greatest need. I hope future leaders will always keep this in mind as they navigate through future challenges and not lose sight of why Accra was established and why we exist today. It’s all about the people, the families we serve and doing it in a way that respects their values, as well as allowing Accra to continue to operate as a sustainable nonprofit organization that employs really good people. I’m sure the opportunities for further expansion in the next 30 years will be even more exciting and provide new challenges for new leaders!”

Susan’s answer to the question: “what do you hope Accra accomplishes in its next 30 years?’ 

Before joining Accra, Susan spent nearly three decades working in homecare and nursing for Goodhue County Public Health and Fairview Health Services.

Susan is an active member or board member for several homecare industry organizations, including the Minnesota Home Care Association, the Minnesota Department of Health Home Care and Assisted Living Council and LeadingAge Minnesota.

Susan earned a Bachelor of Science degree in registered nursing from Bethel University.

When not serving Accra, Susan enjoys spending time on the family farm, where she raises llamas and sheep. She also enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.

Sue Morgan Interview