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New Clinic@Home Program Brings Healthcare Home

Innovative digital system advances independence, connecting clients with their care team from the comfort of home

The communication gap between homecare providers and physicians is a prominent obstacle in healthcare today. In order to improve outcomes and quality of care, we must build an ecosystem that integrates homecare with providers to foster stronger relationships. 

Caregivers are the frontline of the healthcare system. They know if clients are taking their medication, eating a balanced diet, staying active and maintaining other healthy habits, and they will be the first to know if a new medical challenge is likely on the horizon. 

When the homecare provider and physician have an aligned and integrated approach, we can build a more consistent care plan for the client and improve quality of life. A more engaged physician-provider partnership produces a happier, healthier individual.  

Introducing Clinic@Home  

To advance a more collaborative and effective approach to healthcare and homecare, Accra has partnered with HealtheMed to offer the Clinic@Home program. Clinic@Home is an integrated digital system of care that breaks down barriers to access by enabling many different services to be performed in the home setting.  

Clinic@Home facilitates seamless coordination between a patient’s homecare provider, their physician and the entire care team. Covered 100% by Medicaid, eligible clients gain access to personalized and proactive health insights, customized health education, and hybrid telemedicine offering high-tech solutions with high-touch care.  

Remote monitoring supports clients living independently at home while reducing the number of hospitalizations or readmissions by proactively monitoring for potential adverse health events. This technology delivers preventative management for individuals living with chronic conditions, and we anticipate that this exciting health technology will be available through other payers and private pay in the near future. 

Clinic@Home offers a doctor’s office and more in the comfort of a client’s home. Through in-person and virtual support from a care team, the client gains a relationship with their health. 

Meet the Team 

Each eligible client is set up with a full Clinic@Home team, which may include a nurse consultant, client engagement specialist, technology specialist, and virtual providers, in addition to the client’s existing county case manager or care coordinator and Accra care team. Assuming the client’s current physicians are willing to participate in Clinic@Home, clients have the choice to continue meeting with their existing physicians or to connect with new providers through Clinic@Home. 

The nurse consultant assists with client training in order to familiarize clients and their care teams with the telemedicine tools and equipment. 

As a whole, the Clinic@Home system aims to support client independence and encourage collaboration between the client and their full care team. Clinic@Home produces a constant feedback loop that connects the homecare provider and the physician, creates a collaborative space to ensure high quality care, and solidifies the client’s home as a safe and equipped space to live independently.  

A Client-Centered Experience  

Accra believes quality homecare can be the foundation for a better healthcare system that meets the needs of all Minnesotans. For clients and caregivers, Accra wants to help remove barriers and connect everyone with the health care resources they need to be at their best.   

By connecting homecare providers to their client’s physicians, the Clinic@Home program makes the patient the focal point. Not only does it provide a smooth and collaborative communication system between the client and their care team, but it also allows them the freedom to continue living at home and avoid undesired out-of-home placements. A client-centered system will further enhance the quality of care Accra can deliver and improve overall health outcomes.  

If you are interested in participating in Clinic@Home, talk to your case manager about the program, who can aid in the enrollment process.